VoiceOver Trends That’s Could Determine the Success or Failure of Your Business

//VoiceOver Trends That’s Could Determine the Success or Failure of Your Business

Success or Failure of Your BusinessFor any company that wants to take their brand to the next level, explainer videos are a must. Explainer videos are the surefire ways to let prospective customers know about your brand and the product you’re offering. Many business owners tend to focus a lot on the style and branding of explainer videos. However, how the video sounds is also important. Besides sound effects and background music, searching for the perfect voiceover artist for your animated explainer videos can be a daunting task given that there are many factors to be considered. In this segment, we are going to highlight voiceover trends that can determine whether your explainer videos succeed or fail:

The voiceover should make customers identify with your explainer videos

There was a time when British voiceovers were the trend. Things have changed now. Viewers want voiceover they can identify with or relate to. This is particularly true when you are introducing an entirely new idea that you haven’t come across before. These days, prospects are more likely to pay attention if they find that the voiceover artist in the explainer video has an accent they can identify with. So always give your target audience what they want if you hope to be successful in business.

Explainer videos are appealing to international audiences

Businesses today want to create global brands, and this is possible today, thanks to the expansion of the internet. Different countries speak different languages, which means if you produce your explainer videos in just one language, you will be missing out on a ton of prospective customers. If you cannot hire different voiceover artists to produce your explainer video in different languages, you can include foreign subtitles. This is the best way to test out its effectiveness before you resort to other techniques.

Large businesses and companies are channeling the power of celebrities and influencers to their explainer videos

Large businesses and companies know that celebrities have the power to direct their followers to do what they want. In other words, followers will trust anything the celebrity says. So just imagine if you used a celebrity as your voiceover artist? Many companies are also using influencers to push their brands. Influencers are not celebrities, but they have a huge following on social media. Using them as voiceover artists can propel your brand.


There other voiceover trends that are dominating these days, such as quality, building trust, tell- don’t sell and brand consistency. It’s advisable that you choose explainer video trends that can bring greater success to your business.


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