How a Voiceover Artist Can Reinvigorate Your Explainer Videos

//How a Voiceover Artist Can Reinvigorate Your Explainer Videos

Reinvigorate Your Explainer VideosThe popularity of videos is easy to see. YouTube is growing at a frantic pace. Specifically, it receives over 1 billion active users every month. This astounding figure is because the shoppers prefer to watch a video of a product or service they intend to buy then read a detailed sales copy. Explainer videos particularly are the most sought after by customers looking to purchase various products and services because they are short, interesting, entertaining and comprehensively convey a product message in under a minute. But for an explainer video to pop, it must have certain elements. And the most important is voiceover. To ensure your explainer video sparkles, make sure to hire a professional voiceover artist. Here are ways a voiceover artist can reinvigorate your explainer videos:

Voiceover artists evoke emotions in your product explainer videos

Some video production companies can come up with explainer videos that instantly connect with viewers. Others need the help of creative voiceover artists to evoke viewers’ emotions. A excellent voiceover artist can make an explainer video unforgettable.

Voiceover artists give your explainer videos credibility

Credibility is critical to selling products or services. Therefore, if you’re hiring a voiceover artist, make sure your target audience will trust them. Don’t pick a voiceover artist with a sarcastic, silly or unprofessional tone. Your target audience has a nose for mediocre voiceover artist, and when they come across one, they will just stop watching the explainer video.

Voiceover artists can help you express your brand voice

Some business owners rely on the visuals of the explainer video to express their brand voice. In certain situations, the visuals may not be enough to express your brand voice. A voiceover artist can come to your rescue here. For instance, if your brand voice is somber or too serious, hiring a professional voiceover can help you reflect that tone.

Voiceover artists know how to present call to actions in your explainer videos

The aim of making an explainer video is to motivate customers to take action. The problem with not soliciting the services of a creative voiceover artist is that viewers may not watch the videos to the end to take action. A witty and creative voiceover artist will keep customers’ eyes glued to the screen to the very end. Plus, they have a creative way to present your call to action to entice as many viewers as possible to take action.

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