The 3 Ways You Could Make Your Animated Explainer Videos

//The 3 Ways You Could Make Your Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer VideosAn animated explainer video has many benefits when compared to other explainer videos; it’s not expensive, it evokes emotions, and it’s interesting and entertaining. No wonder many large businesses and institutions are using them these days to explain their products and services. But the question that most people ask is how animated explainer videos are made: There are 3 ways you can make explainer videos:

How to make animated explainer videos: Option A:  Do It Yourself (DIY)

Most new business owners start with doing it themselves when creating animated explainer videos for their businesses. They can do this because of the availability of explainer videos making software that lets them write and narrate scripts, come up with creative whiteboard animations, and edit the explainer video. The good thing is that there are free software to do that. Explainer video makers allow you to create your explainer videos and put them out there and see if they cut. Once you’ve made an impressive ROI, you can always hire a professional to take your explainer videos to the next level. The downside to creating explainer videos using free software is that the product is not always up to scratch, and therefore, it might water down the value of your brand. On top of that, free software tends to create generic-looking videos.

You can create animated explainer videos in-house

This means you have your team of explainer video production experts. A team eliminates the need for doing it yourself. When creating whiteboard explainer videos in-house, you’ll need a talented team that includes a scriptwriter, animator, illustrator, a videographer who will synchronize the voiceover and visuals and the manager to coordinate the video making process. When you decide to produce explainer videos in-house, it means you have the skills to organize the whole process. If not, you might want to consider the third option.

Hire a professional video production company to create your animated explainer videos

The easiest but costly option is to hire a professional video production company to produce your explainer videos. The good thing about hiring a professional video production company is that they guarantee top-quality and high-converting explainer videos. Plus, it saves you a lot of time that you can channel to other things that matter to your business.


The way you choose to make your explainer videos will depend on your budget, needs, and goals of your business and the kind of ROI you expect. If you have the money, you can start on a high note by hiring a professional video production company.

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