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To achieve a competent and feasible explainer video, it is important to understand the various types of explainer videos and the style employed by each type. The style of the explainer video infuses components that are relevant to the brand and outward appearance of the video and the intended impact to the target audience. The different types of explainer videos employ different techniques which are essential in audience segmentation and awareness thereby making appealing videos to the target audience using the right methodology.
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Live Action

In this type of explainer videos, a human face or personality is used to craft a video. Its unique style is incorporating the right personalities to talk about and endorse the brand, it shows real-time characters in real time situations facing real-time problems and using the service or product being sold to solve their immediate problems fully. The human face adds an appeal to the video while showing consumers how to interact with your product and service.
Live action explainer videos speak to the target audience on a specific need and offer a solution for that need.

Animated Videos

Animated explainer videos work best when the objective of the explainer video is to explain how the product or service being offered works. Using animated videos to introduce a new product or service makes it memorable to the consumer as compared to using an actual person. Animated videos also have a high chance of being retained by the consumer due to the creativity employed in animating characters to explain the brand.


Kinetic Typography

Deliver the intended message to the target audience by using text in motion often accompanied by a voice over. The message being passed to the consumers is not stationary but rather shown in motion with the context elaborating the concept. The text fonts vary to emphasize a given message and the sizes are manipulated to evoke emotions building a sense of urgency and a call to action.


Using this type of explainer video is most effective since it is visual oriented and involves a black upon white surface illustration as a narrator explains what the product or service is about.
The digital whiteboard is mostly exploited for the continuous flow of storyline with a beginning that services to introduce the brand, a rise in action to explain about the product or service which then culminates to an end with a solution and call to action being offered to the consumers.
The whiteboard is a compelling tool in conveying simple value propositions and a very flexible especially to a tech and media savvy audience.

Stop Motion Videos

Here, photos are linked and manipulated so they appear as though they are moving and with the help of a voiceover and music an amazing video is created. This style is simple to execute, fun to watch for the consumers, interesting and very engaging which helps build a brand and create awareness of products and services being offered

Animated Screencast Videos

These explainer videos involve a computer or mobile screen being recorded using a special type of software to create a demonstration video or tutorial to explain what the product or service is about and their benefits to the target audience.
The availability of the product or service, the benefits to the consumer and a call to action are among the primary objectives of creating an explainer video. The above types of explainer videos provide a platform to which communication of the above can be made available in a context understood by the target audience to increase the percentage of conversions.



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